It’s a Doll’s life for me…

malicedoll homesteadIt’s a doll’s life for me!! By that i mean, I want to make my own destiny…be able to do what I want. Live the dream!  yes, i know dolls usually sot on the shelf until someone decides to play with them; but what if they did live the dream life when no one is looking?

It’s a little crazy right now as I am searching for a better way to live! I think I am on the right path. Will you take my hand and go on this journey with me? I promise it will be one hell of a ride!

What are your interests?  What do you love?

Are you interested in preparing and preserving your own food?

Have you ever been interested in just quitting your job and moving to the country?

I have! Which is why i am making this page. I want adventure and want to see new ways of living. See what’s on the other side of my cubicle. Making my own rules, figuring stuff out. This will probably be the last big decision  I will ever make and I want to share it with all of you.

This page will really take off once we start building the house, so until then, sit back and enjoy the food and canning. Check back often as I love to be creative and will probably be changing things and adding new content often.

10415652_10203323251875611_4828744725551649855_nCome with me on a journey, a journey that canvases just that. A journey back in time, revisiting old crafts and a simpler way of life. Building your dream home, growing your own food, canning and preserving to ensure your bounty lasts all year long.

Welcome to my portal, where we will learn about straw bale houses, canning food, growing a garden and enriching our lives instead of just surviving the day!

I also love Supernatural, creepy dolls, needle felting and hair falls! Check in often, you never know what you will find!!