Jello cake


jello cake!

Jello cake

looking for a quick easy dessert that will impress your family and friends? ¬†look no further than a jello, or poke, cake. I made this cake for my friend Joe’s birthday, it is super easy and really refreshing on a hot day.

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Jello Cake!!

1 boxed cake mix – yellow or white
1 box of jello – any flavor you like, i used strawberry
cool whip
assorted fruit – optional


Bake the cake as directed and let cool completely
poke a bunch of holes in the cake with the back of a wooden spoon
prepare the jello as directed
Pour the jello all over the cake
put in fridge until the jello is set or overnight
Spread the cool whip on the top of the cake
decorate as desired


jello cake

This cake is a favorite at my house and its super easy to make.  Give it a shot, I am sure it will be a family favorite at your house as well


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