Adventures in wordpress

This is actually a lot of fun. I enjoy learning new things and this has been a really exciting experience. I haven’t built a website in years because i really didn’t have anything to share with the world, and really not sure i have a lot to share now… but eh, what the hell…why not?

I feel somewhat accomplished in that i have made it this far. It’s looking pretty good.

This has inspired me to learn more about coding. I asked the Piggy if he would be interested in teaching me about it and he agreed. I have been wanting to get back into writing and expressing my ideas and i don’t think that Facebook is a good place for it, so this is probably a good exercise for me.

I am looking forward to learning more about webpages and all of the different things you can do with them. Not only for myself, but to help out with NVC’s page as well.

So, this is my first “real” post on here..hoping to document some things in my life and share them with you….be it WordPress, cooking, felting, hair, canning or just general insanity. Welcome to my blog, hope you enjoy the ride.