Who is Malicedoll?

Who is Malicedoll?


Who is Malicedoll???Diabolical Greetings, my name is Malicedoll and welcome to my mind. I live in Phoenix Arizona and have a wide variety of interests. I am making this blog because I am going on a journey, of both mind and body. I’ve had a lot of journeys throughout my life. I was born and raised in Ohio but I decided to leave all that behind and move across the country to Arizona and it has changed my life.

My family has decided to become more self sufficient and we are going to be building a house and moving to the country. We will be growing a lot of our own food and our house will be built with straw bales. This is very exciting to me because its a new adventure. My family is in the process of designing our dream home and I am looking forward to designing a kitchen! I feel very fortunate to be able to do that. I want to take you all on this journey with me and maybe inspire some of you to take your own journey into a life lived, instead of just existing.

I enjoy canning and am looking forward to sharing my new found love for this old craft. When I first started out, i was very scared but after some research and a lot of reading, I found out that it isn’t really hard and that it gave me confidence that I could do it. That the food tastes fantastic, and it’s better for you. Plus, I learned a new skill!

I also like  working with wool. I create needle felted dolls. I also make hair falls out of yarn and synthetic hair.  if you are interested in buying one, please email admin@malicedoll.com